The mission of Xavier High School is to educate the total person in a Catholic environment.   As part of mission, Xavier offers its students a rigorous and relevant academic curriculum that is permeated with Catholic teaching.  As a community of life-long learners, we challenge students to pursue academic excellence and to develop habits of learning that will prepare them for post-secondary education and life in the 21st century.  Xavier uses all available resources, including technology, to help students learn to think critically and apply what they’ve learned to real-life situations.  Our students grow spiritually through programs and experiences in which allow them to study their faith and mature in their relationship with God.

Students at Xavier develop the knowledge and skills identified in the Iowa Core and the standards of the Archdiocese of Dubuque.  In addition to gaining knowledge and skills in the core areas of Theology, English, Social Studies, Math and Science, students develop healthy lifestyles, 21st century skills, an appreciation for the arts and an understanding of cultures throughout the world.  This knowledge and these skills are developed through rigorous and life-relevant classroom experiences, hands-on learning and technology-assisted projects. In all curricular experiences, Xavier students are guided through an understanding of how our Catholic faith relates to all elements of our lives.