Philosophy and Goals

The purpose of the Xavier athletic program is to contribute to the wholistic growth of the student-athlete and to contribute to the mission and reputation of Xavier High School – that is, to develop the total person in a Catholic environment. The ingredients of this philosophy include:

  1. Concern with the academic awareness and performance of the student-athlete.
  2. Opportunity for participation, enjoyment and competition.
  3. High expectations of behavior for administrators, coaches, staff and student-athletes.
  4. Entertainment for the Xavier and the Cedar Rapids metro communities.

Goals of the Athletic Program

  1. To provide the opportunity for athletic participation to as many Xavier students as possible.
  2. To treat each student with dignity and respect.
  3. To provide players with the instruction, motivation and training necessary to develop a high level of skill.
  4. To give every participating student the opportunity to have a satisfying and fulfilling experience in athletics.
  5. To teach and express values for life:
    • The ability to maintain self-control under stressful situations.
    • The need for disciplined, hard work to do one’s best.
    • The importance of physical development and good health.
    • The need for teamwork and the ability to work together.
    • The building of personal relationships while working together as a team.
    • The enjoyment of recreational activities.