Dress Code

The dress code of Xavier High School strives to reflect good taste, neatness, cleanliness and Christian modesty while avoiding trends and fads. Students reflect pride in themselves and their school by the way they dress and act. It is expected that parents/guardians, working with the school, will require their students to leave home dressed in accordance with these regulations. The administration reserves the right to interpret dress code. Its decisions are final.

Our goal is to have a dress code that is understandable for students, parents and faculty. This dress code is the result of a collaborative process, which included input from students, faculty, and parents.

(Dress slacks DO NOT need to be purchased through Lands’ End)
• Solid-color ankle-length dress slacks are to be worn.
• These slacks must be tan or navy blue.
• Slacks must be worn at the waist and may not be rolled/folded at the bottom.
• Cargo pants are not permitted.

• Xavier dress shirt (light blue or white) or polo (navy, gray, light blue or white) with the Xavier logo
• Shirts must be ordered and purchased through Lands’ End

• Closed-toed dress shoes or tennis shoes are required at all times.
• Shoes must have backs.
• Boots and slippers are not permitted.

• Skirts and dresses are not permitted.

• Only the Xavier sweater, vest and cardigan with the Xavier logo present may be worn.
• These must be ordered and purchased through Lands’ End
• Colors available are navy blue, light blue, or white.
• A Xavier polo or dress shirt, with the Xavier logo present, must be worn and must be visible under the sweater, vest or cardigan.

• Only the ¼ zip navy blue or gray fleece, with the Xavier logo present, may be worn.
• The fleece must be ordered and purchased through either Lands’ End or the Saints Shop.
• The Xavier polo or dress shirt, with the Xavier logo present, must be worn and must be visible under the ¼ zip fleece.

• Earrings may be worn only by females and in the ears only. Earrings may not be excessive and must be in good taste.
• Hats, caps, bandanas and other head coverings are not permitted.
• Decorative scarves are not permitted.
• Tattoos must be covered at all times.

• Coats, sweatshirts, jackets, and sunglasses are not permitted in classrooms during school hours.
• Hooded items may not be worn.

• Hair is to be neat and well groomed.
• Neither extreme hairstyles nor unusual coloring are permitted.
• Boys’ hair is to be off the collar and above the eyebrow.
• Boys may not tie their hair back or use any accessories.

Casual Days Spirit Days
The final Friday of each month and other days as designated by administration. Designated days throughout the year.
Appropriate sweatshirts or t-shirts may be worn. (No advertising for alcohol, drugs, bars, etc.) Shirts that say Xavier (or XHS, or Saints or have the Xavier logo) may be worn.
Jeans or sweatpants may be worn. Yoga pants and leggings are not allowed.
Pants may not have holes, rips or tears.
In August, September, April and May
• Boys may wear shorts (but not capri pants)
• Girls may wear capri pants (but not shorts).
Caps, hats, and bandannas are not permitted.
Earrings may be worn by boys. They must be in the ears, be in good taste and may not be excessive. Earrings are not permitted.
Students choosing not to participate in Casual or Spirit Day must be in approved dress code attire


To order dress code tops through Lands’ End:

Shop online
• You can also order items from the Lands’ End Kiosk at any Sears Store Location.

Penalties: Students who are in violation of the dress code will receive demerits, will be required to correct the violation, and may be assigned to an in-school suspension.