Exchange Student Opportunities

Dear Xavier Families:

Have you considered opening up your home for an exchange student? See below for more information regarding students that are looking for host families for the 17-18 school year.

When you open your home and hear to a Youth for Understanding exchange student, your family will develop a fresh perspective, make memories and gain a new family member for life. Join the YFU global community. Apply online or call to learn more about one of the most rewarding and fun experiences your family can have.

YFU Provides:
Various orientations throughout the exchange year
Local support volunteers
24-hour emergency support

For more information regarding these students or Youth For Understandings host program please contact: Ronald Ringgenberg

From Denmark
AGE/GENDER 16 year old/Male
LANGUAGE English – 7 years, German – 3 years
ACADEMIC INTERESTS Languages, English Lang, PE/Sports
ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS Watching Sports, Computer Games, Cooking/Baking, Movies
MUSIC INTEREST Orchestra/Band, Saxophone
GRADES Grades – Very Good
SPORTS INTERESTS Running/Track & Field
Do you play the saxophone? Love its sound? So does 16-year-old Felix from Denmark! For the last 7 years, he’s played it in a big band and another band with his friends. Happy and fun, Felix loves to laugh with his friends and work out with them at the gym. He’s part of a track and field group and would like to try out American sports if possible. Felix comes from an open-minded and active family. They make the time to enjoy their dinners together, go to concerts or the movies and travel. Since his vacation to the US, he’s been fascinated by our vast history and culture. During the year abroad, he’s looking forward to learning more and also about himself. This down-to earth teenager is excited to start this adventure of a life time with you. Felix is very appreciative of you opening your home to him!

From China
AGE/GENDER 16 year old/Male
LANGUAGE English – 8 years
ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS Watching Sports, Photography, Cooking/Baking, Hike/Backpack
MUSIC INTEREST Piano – Main, Music-Listen, Guitar, Traditional Instrument
SPORTS INTERESTS Bicycling, Soccer, Swimming, Badminton Enthusiastic, diligent and outgoing, Yang (known as Albert) from China has many sides. He loves physics and is a very good student, but he is not ‘too much’ of a bookworm. He also plays sports and would like to try to be on a US team. He is also a musician and plays the piano, guitar and Chinese gourds. He faces trouble down by following his father’s advice, when in difficulty, don’t be frightened; never give up. He speaks and understands English very well. When it came time to choose an English name, he decided on Albert because he wanted to be a research physicist. Albert is organizer and/or participant in many school activities: Model UN, Student Council President, singing and sports competitions and farm planting field trips. He is family-oriented and has long discussions with his parents whom he respects and loves. He also spends some time visiting extended family. In the US Albert wants to try something new like maybe going to church or having siblings, maybe joining a sports team, cooking for his HF and, most of all, being a part of an American family!

From China
AGE/GENDER 15 year old/Female
LANGUAGE English – 10 years, French – 2 years
ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS Movies, Reading, Museums, School Act.
MUSIC INTEREST Chorus/Choir, Concert Attend, Guitar
SPORTS INTERESTS Swimming, Badminton, Running/Jogging “I’m an active, responsible, out-going girl. I have many hobbies and I like music and sports,” writes Liumei (15) from China. “I like trying new things and I’d love to help others.” Liumei plays the guitar, sings in a choir, plays on a badminton team, and enjoys swimming and running. Active in two school clubs, she goes to an English speaking group which is hosted by an American. She also volunteers to help tutor students. Besides English, Liumei also has been taking French for a couple of years. Things she’s like to tryout during her exchange include baking, painting, volunteering, or playing instruments. She considers her family life to be “responsible, relaxing, warm-hearted and active.” They spend a lot of time together during the holidays and weekends. Liumei definitely appreciates their support in her wish to spend a year in the USA. Similar to the ancient Chinese proverb which you can read in her host family letter, Liumei feels that her American family will find her. She is thankful that you’ll support her in one of the most important years of her life. “I freely believe the life in your family will become a good memory that I will always appreciate and recall.”