Guidance News 5/10/2017

PSAT Results Are In! PSAT 10 results were distributed to students last Thurs. during Xcel Hour. Students received their testing booklets back along with a flier on how to interpret the PSAT score. If you would be interested in further information, you can click on the following links:

CollegeBoard Video: Understanding Scores
CollegeBoard Pamphlet: PSAT 10 Understanding Scores

Sending Transcripts to Colleges:
Xavier Transcripts
Seniors have already requested their final transcripts through Naviance Family Connection. These will be sent to colleges after all grades are finalized in PowerSchool, likely mid-end of June. Colleges may ask you to bring them with you for orientation but this not required.

St. Louis Univ., Univ. of IA & Kirkwood Transcripts
Colleges will want transcripts sent directly from these institutions even if they are also listed on the Xavier transcripts. You can request to have your transcripts sent through the following links:

St. Louis University

Kirkwood Community College

University of Iowa

Advanced Placement Exam Credit