Xavier High School Tuition Contract and Statement FAQs


What are my payment plan options?
– due July 31 by 3:00 p.m.
Semester – due August 10 and January 10
Quarterly – due August 10, November 10, January 10, and March 10
Monthly by Electronic Funds Transfer – payments are withdrawn on the 10th of the month beginning August 10 and ending May 10


What if the 10th of the month is on a holiday of weekend?
Payments will be due on the next banking day.


I earned scrip to use toward my tuition payment. Why is it not showing on my tuition contract or tuition statement?
Xavier applies scrip to your tuition account when it is received from your scrip program. If you have questions about the scrip you earned please contact your scrip coordinator.


My employer pays a portion of my tuition. Why am I billed the full amount?
The Xavier tuition bill is ultimately your responsibility. You need to give your employer the necessary information for them to pay their agreed portion of your bill.


My address has changed. Who do I contact?
You can contact Melissa Sadilek at 319-739-7309.


I have changed parishes. Do I need to let you know?
Yes. Please contact Melissa Sadilek at 319-739-7309.


I don’t feel I can afford the full amount listed on my statement. What should I do?
Xavier High School and the Xavier Foundation are committed to making sure Catholic education is available to all Catholic students who desire it. Xavier provides assistance awards to families who can demonstrate financial need. Contact Tom Drish at 319-739-7307 to discuss your situation confidentially.