Guidance Department

Guidance Welcome & Staff

Freshmen - Freshmen guidance topics will be integrated into the new yearlong freshman transition course – Xavier Xperience. The class will meet opposite Fitness/Wellness. The class’s purpose is to acquaint students with school services, to assist in adjusting to the Xavier environment, to develop a group unity and identity, to develop digital citizenship, and to prepare students for making choices and academic decisions.

Sophomores - Sophomore guidance focuses on career pathways. The sessions will allow students to explore possible careers, develop their 4 year plan, and what post secondary plans would be needed. Sophomores will meet 4-5 times in the spring to cover all relevant topics.

Juniors -During Junior guidance we focus on preparing students for the college search process.  This includes discussions on preparing for college entrance exams, researching college and career options and applying to post-high school programs.  Students are also introduced to the job shadow and internship programs through Workplace Learning Connection.

Seniors -During a student’s senior year they will sit down one-on-one to discuss post-high school plans.  This typically takes place in October ahead of most application deadlines.  During this conference one’s credits and path to graduation will also be reviewed. We encourage students to begin narrowing down and even applying to college before this conference. The sooner the better.

Name: Cara Joens
Title: Admission and College Coordinator
Contact Info: | 319.739.7313
Education/ Certification: B.A. from Coe College in Psychology – Gender Studies
Come to me with questions about: What you want to be when you grow up, college admission requirements, why you should attend XHS, how to navigate the college search and application process. My favorite thing about being a Saint: Being able to be a part of the incredible community that exists on campus. Every day I am amazed at the drive, passion and faith that I witness from students. It’s inspiring.

Name: Danie Clancy
Title: School Counselor
Contact Info: | 319.739.7314
Education/ Certification: B.A. from University of Northern Iowa in Psychology-Teaching M.A. from University of Missouri-Kansas City in Guidance and Counseling Certified in School Counseling K-12.
Come to me when you have questions about: classes/scheduling, relationships, family/friend issues, how to get organized/be successful, how to get involved, what to do when you are having a problem, or if you just feel like chatting. My favorite thing about being a Saint: How involved everyone is at the school. There is a sense of connection here and a spirit of service. I’m so happy to be a part of that.

Name: Dave Schemmel
Title: School Counselor
Contact Info: | 319.739.7311
Education/ Certification: B.B.A. from The University of Iowa in Marketing, Financial Economics and Business Education M.A. from The University of Iowa in Student Development of Post-Secondary Education and Guidance Counseling Certified in School Counseling 7-12.
Come to me when you have questions about: Choosing classes, Kirkwood’s Career Academy, AP Online, college entrance exams, getting involved, organizing your time, dealing with stress, and baseball. My favorite thing about being a Saint: Everyone is so helpful. There’s always someone willing to give you a hand.

Name: Anne Wallraff
Title: Admin. Asst. to Guidance
Contact Info: | 319.739.7312
Background: Worked in the medical field for 12 years as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, 4 years as partner in a small business, and at Xavier HS since 2000.
Come to me when you have questions about: Simple schedule questions, registering for upcoming tests (like the SAT or ACT), information about college recruiters and visits, and questions regarding transcripts. My favorite thing about being a Saint: The sense of community here at Xavier HS – we’re all here working together to help our students become the best they can be.