Guidance Department

Summer Enrichment & Leadership Opportunities

A great way to set yourself apart from other students applying for college and gain real-life leadership skills is to attend a conference or summer program in an area that interests you. From learning more about how decisions are made in the Cedar Rapids community to immersing yourself in politics with other bright minds in the field, there are countless opportunities to experience leadership and education outside the walls of Xavier High School.

Below is a list of leadership camps, educational experiences and conferences that you may find interesting. We challenge you to create an experience that will allow you to stand out from the crowd!

Program Who Due Date When How to Apply
Youth Leadership for 5 Seasons Juniors NA Summer Nominated by School
National Council on Youth Leadership Juniors NA Spring Nominated by school
Iowa House of Representatives Page Jr. & Sr. Oct. 3 Summer Click Here
Iowa Senate Page Jr. & Sr. Oct. 3 Summer Click Here
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Sophomores Nov. June Nominated by school
Truman State STAPH (Health Careers) So. & Jr. Nov. 15 Jun. 18-25 Click Here
Congressional Seminar So.-Sr. Dec. 1 Jun. 17-23 Click Here
National Czech Foundation Exchange Program Jr.-Sr. Dec. 10 Jun. Click Here
Truman State Zombie Scholars Academy Fr.-Sr. Jan. 30 Jun. 18-25 Click Here
Telluride Assoc. Summer Program So.-Jr. Jan. 10 6 wk Summer Prog. Click Here
Notre Dame Study Abroad: Rome Seniors Jan. 30 Jun. 3-17 Click Here
Notre Dame Leadership Seminar Seniors Jan. 30 Jul. 15-26 Click Here
Secondary Student Training Program (U of IA) Fr.-Sr. Feb. 3 Jun.21-Jul.28 Click Here
Notre Dame Summer Scholars Jr. & Sr. Feb. 6 Jun. 24-Jul. 8 Click Here
Notre Dame School of Architecture Career Discovery So.-Sr. When full Jun.18-30 Click Here
Hills Bank Leadership Program Juniors Feb. 1 Click Here
Hawkeye Boys State Juniors Dec. 31 Jun. 12-17 Contact the Counseling Office
National Young Leaders Conference Fr.-Sr. varies Click Here
Dordt College IDEAS Fr.-Jr. Jun. 13-17 Click Here
Augustana Summer Academy Fr.-Jr. Jun. 19-24th Click Here
ALA Girls State Junior Girls Feb. 6 Jun. 12-17 Contact the Counseling Office
The Irish Way Fr.-Sr. Jan. 1 Jun. 29-Jul. 23 Click Here
Middlebury Interactive Language Summer Academy Fr.-Sr. Mar. 15 Jun. 28-Jul.24 Click Here
Yale Young Global Scholars Program So. & Jr. Jan. 31 varies Jun-Aug Click Here
Cornell College Summer Immersion Programs Jr. &  Sr. May 24 Jun. 14-30 Click Here
QuestBridge College Prep Scholarship Juniors Mar. 25 varies Click Here
Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award Juniors Mar. 31 Jun. 27 & 28. Oct. 24 Info in Counseling Office
ISU OPPTAG Summer Programs (talented & gifted) Fr.-Jr. Apply starting Feb. 15 Jul. 12-17 & 19-24 Click Here
Gustavus Adolphus Summer Academics Programs Fr.-Jr. Apply starting Feb. 6 varies Jun.-Aug. Click Here
Clarke Univ. Academy & Camp Programs Fr.-Sr. varies Jun-Jul Click Here
Washington Univ. Summer Experiences So.-Sr. Apr. 1 varies Jun.-Aug. Click Here
Big Red Summer Academic Camps So.-Sr. May 1 June Click Here
State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council Fr.-Sr. May 1 Jul. 1st for 2 yr. term Click Here
Miami University Summer Scholars Program Jr.-Sr. May 1 Jul 5-Jul 31 Click Here
South Dakota State Univ. Electrical Eng. Camp So.-Jr. May 15 Jul 30-Aug.5 Click Here
Iowa State Society  of Women in Engineers Summer Camp Jr-Sr. Mar. 31 Jul 9th-14th Click Here
The King’s College Summer Academy So.-Sr. May 15 Jul. 23-28 Click Here
Wartburg HS Leadership Institute Juniors Mar. 30 Jun. 14-20 Click Here
Iowa Youth Congress Fr. & Sr. May 1 Starts in Jul. Click Here
World Affairs Seminar So.-Sr. May 30 Jun.24-30 Click Here
ISU Start Your Future Here Fr.-Sr. Jun. 1 Jun. 27-29 Click Here