Guidance Department


Educational Help

Tutoring: Xavier Xtras are students that are picked by teachers and administrators for their knowledge & apptitude. Xtras are available to help with any subject before, during & after school. The responsibilities of the Xtras are to help other students organize, prepare for exams and quizzes, and help students complete classroom homework.

Xavier Xperts: Xavier Xperts are students that have a good grasp of technology. Xpert help is available in the library. These students will help students and collaborate with staff about technology items. These innovative students are more than willing to truoble shoot, answer questions or make suggestions about the iPads to other students or teachers.

Xavier 504 Parent Support Group: The Xavier High School Guidance Department has teamed with parents to start of 504 Parent Support Group at Xavier. The goal of this group is to support parents of 504 students at Xavier through their experiences with the goal of student growth in confidence and learning to advocate for their own needs. Lauren Hammerberg, participant and co-founder of the group shares that “Sometimes a parent just needs to hear, ‘I’ve been there too’ and ‘You and your child ARE going to get through this.” This group meets monthly through the school year. For more information on this important group, please contact Lauren Hammerberg at: or on her cell phone at 319-560-2882.