Guidance Department


Basic steps for current students to register for courses:

  1. Required courses, elective courses & college admission requirements are discussed with the students by the Counselors.
  2. Students choose preliminary courses for the upcoming year.
  3. Preliminary choices are sent to parents
  4. Informational meeting with parents about course scheduling.
  5. Students register online through Power School.


Graduation Requirements College Admission Recommendation
4 Years Theology Many colleges have admission requirements similar to this:
4 Years English 4 Years English
3 Years Social Studies 3 Years Social Studies
3 Years Math 3 Years Math
3 Years Science 3 Years Science
4 Years Fitness/Wellness 2 Years Foreign Language
1 Semester Fine Arts  
4 Years Guidance  

Courses available by grade level: (it is helpful to use this along with the Course Sequence guide below).


Program of Studies - This document contains descriptions of all courses offered at Xavier.

Schedule Changes: Students can change their schedule prior to the start of new semester or year during one of the scheduled change times set up by the counselors. Students wishing to make a schedule change after the start of the semester must see a school counselor to obtain a schedule change form. The form must be signed by student, teachers, parents, and administration before any changes will be approved and implemented.

Deadlines for Changes:

    • Add/Drop a Course – 10 days after the beginning of the semester
    • Level Change – 30 days after the beginning of the semester

4 Year Schedule - This is the form that students use to plan their classes for each year, looking ahead to what they would like to take

Course Sequence Guide - This document shows which course would be the next choice for your student based on what course they are taking this year. For Example: If your student took Algebra as a Freshman > they would take Geometry as a sophomore.

Xavier College Credit Opportunities

Kirkwood AcademiesRefer to the Junior or Senior Course sheets or College Credit Opportunities (above)

St. Louis University Dual Credit Courses – See the Xavier College Credit Opportunities (above)

Parent Scheduling Night Presentation - Here are the slides that were presented during our Parent Scheduling Mtg. Documents referenced in this presentation can be found on this webpage. (Jan. 2016)

Language Requirements for College